Why choose the iORTO insoles?

healthier feet

reduced risk of injuries

enhanced coordination

comfort and convenience

improved performance

What sets the iORTO insoles apart?


innovative support for the cuboid and navicular bones

anatomically designed with appropriate directional corrections

Wkładki na płaskostopie poprzeczne

holistic approach to treating conditions

three thicknesses


Who are iORTO insoles designed for?

ideal for those active in sports and work

experiencing foot pain

experiencing heel pain

struggling with valgus toe (bunion)

suffering from flat valgus foot

suffering from flat feet

dealing with other conditions and pain in the foot area

moreover, the iORTO insoles are safe for children.

Choose the iORTO insoles to alleviate:

Wkładki na płaskostopie poprzeczne

foot pain

knee alignment

ankle pain

inflammation of the
Achilles tendon

hip joint pain

back pain

postural defects

neck pain

migraine pain

iORTO MEDIC insoles: