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    STANDARD: 35 - 48, SPACE: 36 - 48
    Technical sheet

Individuals with diabetes and those at risk of developing diabetic foot syndrome need to pay close attention to the condition and state of their feet. Insoles designed for them specifically offer protection against micro-damage and injuries. These insoles are also an excellent choice for people with highly sensitive feet, those prone to wounds, and those with pre-existing wounds.


  • diabetic foot syndrome – diabetics
  • sensitive feet
  • feet with wounds
  • overloading of the musculoskeletal system


  • antiseptic action
  • antifungal action
  • support for the longitudinal arch of the foot with variable dynamics
  • cushioning


  • heel stabilisation
  • protection against micro-injuries
  • foot relief
  • wound relief
  • reduction of pain
Manufacturer: Zbigniew Frąckowiak MAZBIT Przedsiębiorstwo

This is a medical device.
Use it according to the instructions for use or label.


  • Element: Impact
  • 1. Bright liner infused with silver and copper nanoparticles:
    - Helps to monitor the condition of the feet (checking for oozing from wounds or ulcers)
    - Reduces hyperhidrosis.
    - Enhances comfort.
    - Provides an antibacterial effect.
  • 2. Protection of the rearfoot – support of the cuboid and navicular bones with variable dynamics:
    - Supporting the navicular and cuboid bones at the correct height to bring the foot into the correct position.
    - Longitudinal arch support.
    - Support for correct rolling of the foot.
    - Stimulation on the muscles and joints of the foot with a designed intensity, adapted to the weight of the user.
    - Distribution of ground pressure forces.
  • 3. Two layers of memory foam (as much as 8mm!) over the entire length of the insole:
    - Reduces the pain of already existing corns and calluses and supports their therapy.
    - Aids in ulcer treatment.
    - Provides maximum comfort.

Why choose the iORTO MEDIC Diabetic insoles?

Choose the perfect insole for you

The iORTO Medic Diabetic insoles offer many options for selection. Firstly, these variable dynamics insoles take into account the patient's weight in addition to the condition for an even better effect. Secondly, the iORTO MEDIC Diabetic insoles are available in two thicknesses to suit the type of footwear most commonly worn. Thirdly, they come in a single size, as each element of the insole is precisely fitted to a foot of a given length.

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Protect yourself before and after the medical procedure

When addressing calluses and superficial wounds, it is vital to relieve pressure and position the foot correctly. The iORTO MEDIC Diabetic insole provides such comprehensive foot protection.

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Stop the disease from developing

The special cushioning foam, also found in other iORTO insoles, remembers shapes, providing gentle support for the foot and protecting against pain and damage. In the iORTO MEDIC Diabetic insoles, this foam is up to 8 mm thick, enhancing its effectiveness. The silver nanoparticle lining has antiseptic and antifungal properties, preventing infection and inflammation. Its light colour helps detect possible infections and emerging damage more quickly. The evenly distributed foot pressure on the ground prevents impaired blood flow, a cause of diabetic foot syndrome.

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Restore comfort in mobility

Directional corrections and restoration of the correct gait axis, along with cushioning double foam, ensure that every step is more pleasant.

Wkładki na płaskostopie poprzeczne

Stop the pain

The iORTO MEDIC Diabetic insoles are a solution not only for those already experiencing foot pain and injuries – relieving pressure and reducing pain – but also for protecting against their formation.