Polish market leader in shoe insoles

Established in 1992, Mazbit has grown to become the market leader in shoe insoles in Poland. Our journey began with the Comfort line (previously known as the Classic Line), followed by the introduction of Prophylactic products (formerly MedicLine) in 2009, targeting the medical market. Years of experience and collaboration with specialists in gait biomechanics and foot disorders have fuelled our company's growth. As a result, we have evolved from producing comfort and prophylactic insoles to adopting cutting-edge technologies used by global leaders in the industry, without forsaking classic solutions. We take pride in being the first Polish manufacturer of thermoformable insoles with variable dynamics, namely iOrto Medic and iOrto Individual. Our success is built upon continuous training, knowledge acquisition from the best, and attentiveness to our clients' needs. The solutions we offer are not only appreciated by users but also endorsed by the medical community, who readily recommend our products for patient care.

As the feet impact the entire musculoskeletal system, foot conditions can disrupt gait biomechanics and the body's kinematic chain. Misaligned feet can lead to poor positioning of the knee, hip, and spine. With proper care, our feet can last a lifetime, taking as many as 10,000 steps a day for about 80 years.

Collaborating with experts from various fields such as orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, podiatrists, shoemakers, orthopaedic technicians, and others, we persistently develop new solutions based on our customers' needs.

Mazbit shoe insoles are a testament to Polish craftsmanship, with each product made carefully and precisely to best suit the patient's feet.

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Extensive range of footwear insoles and accessories.

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