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Bespoke insoles

Our individualised insoles are meticulously crafted based on a comprehensive diagnostic examination for each foot, ensuring a perfect fit for both the right and left foot. With a hands-on approach, we consider numerous variables to create the ideal insoles tailored specifically for each patient. Personalisation of our insoles encompasses various aspects, from precise corrections and contouring to customised width and unique padding options. We even offer the option to incorporate your clinic's logo or a child's favourite toy design for that extra personal touch.

What technological solutions do we utilise?

  • Element: Impact
  • 1. Lining:
    Our anti-allergenic and antiseptic lining is made from microfibre or knitted fabric, allowing for any visualisation to be applied.
  • 2. Cushioning foam:
    Our memory foams are available in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses with varying hardness levels from 10 to 40 Sh. They enable point relief application, which is essential for conditions such as heel spurs, rheumatoid arthritis, calluses, corns, metatarsalgia, and diabetic foot.
  • 3. Stabilisation module:
    Constructed from multiple layers of resin material in different shapes. This solution is crucial in achieving the right dynamics and moulding shape to ensure proper function of individual foot components and the musculoskeletal system.
  • 4. Screen lining:
    Our screen lining restricts the flow of cold or heat from the ground, ensuring optimal foot comfort.
  • 5. Silver and copper nanoparticles:
    We can apply silver nanoparticles to the lining, limiting excessive growth of bacteria responsible for unpleasant foot odour and hyperhidrosis. Copper nanoparticles offer anti-fungal properties for added protection.
  • 6. Corrective elements:
    Our insoles include corrective elements for the rearfoot, midfoot, and forefoot, ensuring comprehensive support and alignment.
Manufacturer: Zbigniew Frąckowiak MAZBIT Przedsiębiorstwo

This is a medical device.
Use it according to the instructions for use or label.

Why choose the iORTO Individual insoles?

Who are personalised solutions for?

Individuals with significant foot and posture defects

Those active in sports and work, exposed to significant strain on the ligament-muscle apparatus, and prone to micro-injuries of the joint system

Demanding users who value safety and comfort of movement

When is the use of orthopaedic insoles recommended?

In disorders of gait biomechanics

During the rehabilitation process

In the pre- and post-operative period

In the treatment of foot and posture defects

What do we consider when creating customised thermoformable insoles?

Degree of defect


Body weight


Past injuries

Genetic tendencies

Physical activity

Type of work

Type of footwear

How do I order individual insoles?

To order customised insoles, a diagnostic examination is required. The examination is carried out by cooperating specialists in medical offices throughout the country. Find out where you can have the test and order insoles for yourself.

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