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Our products have been popular in podiatry practices for many years.
Mazbit orthopaedic insoles fit in perfectly with the products and services offered by podiatrists. Expand your product range effortlessly and assist patients with diverse problems, thanks to our support.

We will accompany you on the road to success!
Before we outline the benefits your customers can gain from our products, let us show you what you can gain from working with us.
Innovative, professional products that expand your offerings and increase sales;
Insoles customised for individual patient needs;
Products for demanding clientele, such as runners or tennis players;
Impressive display of new goods with free stands provided during our collaboration;
Brilliant advertising: order insoles with your logo;
Marketing support through displays, posters, and flyers;
Merchant support and customized solutions throughout our collaboration;
Free product training.

With us you can do even more!
Professional training and diagnostic equipment for your practice
Develop further with Mazbit by attending our training course, “Orthopaedic Supplies and Foot Diagnosis”, after which you will be helping your clients even better than before. This opportunity is further enhanced by the diagnostic equipment available for purchase at competitive prices. Additionally, throughout our partnership, we will provide a complimentary program for storing examination data and designing custom insoles tailored to each client’s needs. You’ll conduct the diagnosis and design the insoles at your medical office, while we’ll manufacture them and deliver the finished product to the patient at their next appointment (within two weeks).

Our diagnostic equipment and software enable:
Archiving examination results;
Comparing current examination results with previous ones;
Designing custom insoles step by step;
Recording patient recommendations and treatment history;
Recording all treatments the patient has undergone;
Precise observation of foot alignment, overloading, and arches in static and dynamic tests in very good quality, and the ability to save all these images to observe therapy progress;
Ability to take additional high-quality images for assessing the position of the ankles, knees, and even the pelvis or Achilles tendon, and the possibility of archiving such images;

Much more for your patients
Mazbit recommends:
Innovative thermoformable insoles with a variable dynamic corrective profile to help patients:

So, how exactly do these Mazbit thermoformable insoles work?

They have a positive effect on heel overload and the resulting hyperkeratosis and clefts by:
     ✓ providing additional pressure-relieving foam
     ✓ correctly positioning the foot, supporting the cuboid and navicular bones at the proper height through the use of a stabilization module with variable dynamics;
They support the longitudinal arch, helping to maintain proper foot structure;
They relieve pressure on the forefoot with customized pressure pads and profiling elements that adapt to the patient’s condition;
They have a positive effect on reducing pain sensations at corns and calluses while preventing their recurrence;
With a variety of corrective elements and profiling elements, they:
     ✓ Support the first head of the metatarsal bone, relieve pressure, and influence the correct position of the sesamoids, which is extremely important for hallux valgus;
     ✓ Correct hammer toes and claw toes;
     ✓ Activate the foot to function properly, promoting overall foot health.

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Co zyskujesz ze współpracy z Mazbit:

Complementary patient supply

Expanding the offer

Protecting the patient between treatments

Support for your work

A business partner who tailors solutions to your expectations

Products from a Polish manufacturer

Commercial support

Marketing support

Attractive discounts based on order volume

Free product training

Display stand

Access to the training course entitled „Diagnosis with Elements of Biomechanics and Selection of Orthopaedic Supplies.”

Opportunity to purchase diagnostic equipment on favourable terms

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