• Thickness: SLIM, STANDARD, SPACE
  • Product code:
    SLIM - IO62, STANDARD - IO72, SPACE - IO92
  • Sizes:
    SLIM: 35 - 43, STANDARD: 35 - 48, SPACE: 35 - 48
    Technical sheet

The iORTO Hallux insoles are designed for individuals dealing with hallux valgus toe issues. They are recommended for use in the first two stages of the condition and as a preventative measure. Due to their special profiling, these insoles are also helpful in treating hammer toes and claw toes, which often accompany hallux valgus.


  • hallux valgus (bunion)
  • hammer toes and claw toes


  • stabilisation of the first head of the metatarsal bone and the hallux valgus
  • support for the first and the second head of the metatarsal bones
  • support of hammer and claw toes
  • support for the longitudinal arch of the foot with variable dynamics
  • cushioning
  • sensorimotorics
  • innovative rearfoot protection


  • reduction of pain
  • elimination of physiological causes of deformities
  • inflammation reduction
  • stimulation of fibular muscles
  • heel stabilisation
  • protection against micro-injuries
  • reducing the feeling of foot fatigue
Manufacturer: Zbigniew Frąckowiak MAZBIT Przedsiębiorstwo

This is a medical device.
Use it according to the instructions for use or label.


  • Element: Impact
  • 1. Drop-shaped pressure pad (transverse flatfeet, metatarsalgia, corns, calluses): Support of the heads of the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal bones at the correct height: Adjusts the transverse arch to the correct position. Relieves pressure on the front part of the foot (forefoot). Prevents the formation of corns and calluses.
  • 2. Roller under hammer toe/claw toe: Support for crooked toes. Halting the progression of the condition. Reduction of toe pain.
  • 3. Support for the first head of the metatarsal bone of the hallux valgus: Aligns the sesamoids in the correct position. Reduces pain in the toe area. Positions the toe correctly. Prevents toe crouching.
  • 4. Protection of the rearfoot – support of the cuboid and navicular bones with variable dynamics: Support for the navicular and cuboid bones at the correct height to bring the foot into the correct position. Longitudinal arch support. Support for correct rolling of the foot. Stimulation on the muscles and joints of the foot with a designed intensity, adapted to the weight of the user. Distribution of ground pressure forces.

Why choose the iORTO MEDIC Hallux insoles?

wkładki na haluksy

Choose the perfect insole for you

The iORTO MEDIC insoles offer many options for selection. Firstly, these variable dynamics insoles take into account the patient's weight in addition to the condition for an even better effect. Secondly, the iORTO MEDIC Hallux insoles are available in three thicknesses to suit the type of footwear most commonly worn. Thirdly, they come in a single size, as each element of the insole is precisely fitted to a foot of a given length.

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Protect yourself before and after the medical procedure

Before treatment for advanced hallux valgus, it is especially important to relieve pressure on the foot, and after correction, to secure the entire foot and position it correctly, preventing the hallux valgus toe from returning.

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Stop the disease from developing

For an orthopaedic insole to effectively support hallux valgus therapy, the entire foot needs to be secured, starting from the heel bone, through the arches of the foot, and up to the proper positioning of the toes. The iORTO MEDIC Hallux insole provides such comprehensive foot protection.

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Restore comfort in mobility

Directional corrections and restoration of the correct gait axis, along with cushioning foam, ensure that every step is more pleasant.

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Stop the pain

The iORTO MEDIC Hallux insoles cushion your every step thanks to the high-quality materials used, helping to eliminate foot pain for good.