• Thickness: STANDARD
  • Product code: IO79
  • Sizes: 35/36 - 47/48

The iORTO Elegance Business insoles are designed for individuals who spend their day in formal shoes. Our elegant and tasteful insoles are specially designed for men who walk daily in shoes such as oxfords or moccasins. But don't worry, women can also enjoy their benefits in similar footwear types, including wider boots. Most importantly, the iORTO Elegance Buisness insoles place your foot in the correct position for maximum comfort throughout the day. By using shock-absorbing materials, we have achieved a high level of cushioning under the metatarsal bone heads and in the heel, increasing the comfort of elegant footwear and preventing foot fatigue. The drop-shaped pressure pad further relieves pressure on the forefoot by supporting the heads of the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal bones. Ensure your health and comfort in elegant shoes with iORTO Elegance Business insoles today!


  • tired foot syndrome
  • metatarsalgia
  • transverse flatfoot
  • longitudinal flatfoot
  • heel pain


  • forefoot relief by cushioning the metatarsal bone heads
  • metatarsal support
  • heel cushioning
  • wicking away excess moisture and neutralising odour and foot perspiration
  • even distribution of body weight across the entire footprint


  • reduced foot and leg fatigue
  • dynamic foot support
  • all-day comfort
Manufacturer: Zbigniew Frąckowiak MAZBIT Przedsiębiorstwo

This is a medical device.
Use it according to the instructions for use or label.


  • Element: Impact
  • 1. Lining: Anti-allergenic, skin-friendly.
  • 2. Innovative rearfoot support: Positions the foot correctly.
  • 3. Shape memory foam profile: Forefoot relief.
  • 4. Poron: Heel cushioning.
  • 5. Stabilisation module: Dynamic longitudinal arch support accounting for body weight.
  • 6. Screen lining: Ground insulation.


Ideal insoles for you

The iORTO Elegance Business insoles allow you to comfortably wear elegant footwear all day long. Your feet will no longer be sore and tired! Using the latest technology and the highest quality materials, we've created insoles that support both arches of your feet correctly, ensuring maximum comfort. The stabilising profile dynamically adapts to the average weight of a patient with a given foot size. Furthermore, iOrto Elegance Business insoles come in sizes tailored to you for maximum comfort and foot relaxation.

All-day foot protection

The heel and forefoot relief provided ensure that your feet, knees, and spine remain pain-free after a long day in formal shoes.

Restore comfort in mobility

Directional corrections and the restoration of the correct gait axis, along with the shock-absorbing foam used in the heel and forefoot, guarantee that each step you take will be more pleasant.

Prioritise your health

The iORTO Elegance Business insoles are a medical product designed to support the entire foot correctly and restore its proper alignment during walking.