FEET 2/3


  • Thickness: STANDARD 2/3, KID 2/3
  • Product code:
    STANDARD 2/3 - IO77, KID 2/3 - IO52
  • Sizes:
    STANDARD 2/3: 37/38 - 47/48, KID 2/3: 23/24 - 35/36

The iORTO MEDIC Feet 2/3 and Feet Kid 2/3 insoles offer assistance in managing foot valgus and supporting Achilles tendonitis treatment. With accurate contouring to correct rearfoot deformity, they stimulate and promote proper foot alignment. The thermoforming technology, which characterises all iORTO insoles, ensures a perfect fit, influencing the elimination of both the symptoms and the cause of the condition. The combination of special padding and cushioning foam alleviates pain not only in the feet but also in the calves and knees. These insoles are available in both children's and adult sizes.


  • heel valgus
  • longitudinal flatfoot
  • inflammation of the Achilles tendon


  • dynamic support for the longitudinal arch of the foot
  • stimulation of fibular muscles
  • cushioning


  • heel stabilisation
  • protection against foot micro-injuries
  • reduction of pain
  • heel valgus treatment
Manufacturer: Zbigniew Frąckowiak MAZBIT Przedsiębiorstwo

This is a medical device.
Use it according to the instructions for use or label.


  • Element: Impact
  • 1. Supinator: Rearfoot correction by 5mm
  • 2. Soft finish: Increased comfort
  • 3. Protection of the rearfoot – support of the cuboid and navicular bones with variable dynamics:
    - Supporting the navicular and cuboid bones at the correct height to bring the foot into the correct position.
    - Support for the longitudinal arch (longitudinal flatfoot).
    - Support for correct rolling of the foot.
    - Stimulation on the muscles and joints of the foot with a designed intensity, adapted to the weight of the user.
    - Distribution of ground pressure forces.

Why choose the iORTO MEDIC Feet 2/3 insoles?

Choose the perfect insole for you

The iORTO MEDIC Feet 2/3 and Feet Kid 2/3 insoles offer many options for selection. Firstly, these variable dynamics insoles take into account the patient's weight in addition to the condition for an even better effect. Secondly, the iORTO MEDIC insoles come in children's and adult sizes, with mouldings tailored to the patient's weight.

Wkładki na płaskostopie poprzeczne

Stop the disease from developing

These insoles are safe even for the youngest patients. Their weight-adjusted design corrects the rearfoot by 5mm, positioning the foot accurately. In individuals with unfixed weight, alongside rehabilitation, they significantly aid in combating flat feet and valgus.

Wkładki na płaskostopie poprzeczne

Restore comfort in mobility

Our directional corrections and restoration of the correct gait axis, along with cushioning foam applied along the entire length of the insole and the soft finish in the forefoot, ensure every step is more comfortable and mobile.

Wkładki na płaskostopie poprzeczne

Stop the pain

The iORTO MEDIC Feet 2/3 i Feet Kid 2/3 insoles feature multi-layer cushioning in the heel area, which further alleviates pressure on the heel. Utilising these materials, they provide comfort with every step.