Medical shops

Equip your shop with tools and products for patients requiring professional service. With us, you can create a mini medical practice.

Customers visiting medical shops typically fall into several categories: those who know precisely what they need, those who have a general idea of the product they want but may lack the knowledge to select the optimal solution, for example, patients looking for knee orthoses, pressure-free socks or complaining of back pain do not realise that they could be helped by well-chosen orthopaedic insoles. and those who suffer from various ailments and require professional advice before making a purchase..

What you can achieve by cooperating with us
A skilled salesperson can address the needs of every customer, ensuring their satisfaction with their purchase. As a result, these customers are likely to return and recommend the shop to friends and family. ith over a quarter-century of experience, Mazbit supports medical shops in providing high-quality orthopaedic insoles to their patients.

Our offer:
iORTO MEDIC – a series of specialised orthopaedic insoles available in three widths and safe also for young customers.
iORTO INDYVIDUAL – custom orthopaedic insoles designed for individuals with specific needs identified by the healthcare specialists.
PROFILACTIC – insoles for people with minor foot defects or as a supplement to treatment with iORTO insoles.
PROTECTION – gel products with a protective effect, an excellent addition to iORTO insoles purchases.

Our products will turn your shop into a mini medical practice
DIAGNOSTIC is a line of professional diagnostic equipment available for purchase from Mazbit on favourable terms. The diagnostic device enables the creation of orthopaedic insoles tailored to individual customers’ needs, ensuring their confidence in their chosen product. Customer safety is the key thing in sales!
Why choose Mazbit??
We offer our business partners free product training, suggesting ways to combine our products with others to comprehensively address customers’ needs and enhance sales success.
Stand out from the competition by participating in our online and in-person training courses on ‘Orthopaedic Supplies and Foot Diagnosis.’. With your expertise, you can offer your customers more than the average competitor.
Throughout our cooperation, we provide display stands for effective product presentation and comprehensive marketing support. Eye-catching displays, posters, and flyers ensure your new offer receives the attention it deserves.

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What you gain from working with Mazbit:

Products from a Polish manufacturer

Free product training

Opportunity to purchase diagnostic equipment on favourable terms

Access to the training course entitled „Diagnosis with Elements of Biomechanics and Selection of Orthopaedic Supplies.”

Commercial support

Marketing support

Complementary patient supply

Display stand

Attractive discounts based on order volume

A business partner who tailors solutions to your expectations

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