Open a foot and posture diagnostics practice!

With over 25 years of experience, our specialists have gained extensive knowledge through continuous training and professional development. Many physiotherapy practices have benefitted from our services, offering their clients proven, top-quality Polish products. Don’t wait any longer – join them too!

We never stand still, which is why we present innovative products and modern, multifunctional Mazbit diagnostic stations. By working with us, you will have the unique opportunity to expand your product range with individual thermoformable sensomotor insoles featuring variable dynamic contouring. This is a real breakthrough in the treatment and rehabilitation process.

I. Full package of benefits for our partners

By partnering with us, you can count on:

Comprehensive advice on equipping your practice with foot and posture diagnostic equipment, as well as marketing material
Expansion of your product range with high-quality, specialised thermoformed insoles featuring variable dynamic contouring, designed by you and produced by our team of specialists for your patients’ next visit
Expert advice and assistance in selecting series solutions, diagnostics, and individual insole components
Support from experienced experts who work with patients daily
Business and marketing recommendations for practice management and client acquisition
Opportunity to expand into orthopaedics, allowing you to offer innovative products and develop your practice further
Substantive support at every stage of cooperation
Special bonuses, discounts, and rebates

II. Mazbit thermoformable insoles – support for physiotherapists

Our innovative thermoformable sensomotor insoles with variable dynamic contouring complement the work of physiotherapists:

Thermoformable insoles offer unlimited correction possibilities and a range of benefits for patients:

Supporting the cuboid and navicular bones not only positions the feet correctly but also eliminates valgus and restores the proper axis of the lower limb
A variable dynamics stabilisation module with the right intensity supports the foot, giving it the stimulus to function correctly. It is worth noting that the dynamics of the mouldings are adapted to the patient’s weight and foot size. What does that mean in practice? The flexibility of the insole decreases in proportion to its size.
Variable dynamics protection for the rearfoot – relieves strain on the entire musculoskeletal system
Choice of corrective elements for forefoot and rearfoot relief, correction of clawed toes, hallux valgus or truncation of the limb
Greater foot comfort through the use of appropriately sized foams

III. Professional training and diagnostic equipment for your practice!

Are you running a physiotherapy practice or planning to open one? You’re on the right track! You’re cordially invited to attend the training course ‘Orthopaedic supplies and foot diagnosis’. We guarantee that the training, along with the introduction of our solutions, will help to complement patient care.

This will also be enabled by specialised diagnostic equipment, which you can obtain from us at favourable conditions. What’s more? For the duration of our cooperation, we will provide a complimentary insole design programme adapted to the individual needs of our clients. You will carry out a precise diagnosis and design the insoles in your medical office, and our specialists will manufacture and deliver them for the patient’s next appointme.

The Mazbit multifunctional diagnostic station enables, among other things:

Designing custom insoles
Recording recommendations for the patient in one place along with the examination
Accurate observation of overloading, foot positioning, and the ability to save all images to monitor therapy progress
Capturing additional images in high quality for assessing the alignment of knees, ankles, pelvis or Achilles tendon, among others, and archiving these images
Recording all treatments the patient has undergone
Comparing current research results with previous one
Archiving examination results

Collaboration with Mazbit – a recipe for quick and sure success!

For our business partners, we have developed a range of state-of-the-art logistics solutions that greatly facilitate the implementation of new products and services.  In addition, for the duration of our cooperation, we provide complimentary displays to enable effective space management and to present new articles in a clear, legible, and elegant manner!

But that’s not all – throughout the entire period of cooperation, we provide the support of an experienced salesperson who skilfully adapts our solutions to your needs. We also offer marketing support in the form of posters and flyers. The insoles themselves are a great form of advertising, as you can order them with your logo.

With our experience and knowledge, you will undoubtedly achieve much more! We offer a range of options to help you grow your business easily and safely. You will gain powerful support from specialists to help you succeed! You are more than welcome to get in touch.
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What you gain from working with Mazbit:

Products from a Polish manufacturer

Commercial support

Marketing support

Attractive discounts based on order volume

Free product training

Display stand

Access to the training course entitled „Diagnosis with Elements of Biomechanics and Selection of Orthopaedic Supplies.”

Opportunity to purchase diagnostic equipment on favourable terms

Why choose the iORTO Individual insoles?

What do we consider when creating customised thermoformable insoles?

Degree of defect


Body weight


Past injuries

Genetic tendencies

Physical activity

Type of work

Type of footwear

Who are personalised solutions for?

Individuals with significant foot and posture defects

Those active in sports and work, exposed to significant strain on the ligament-muscle apparatus, and prone to micro-injuries of the joint system

Demanding users who value safety and comfort of movement

When is the use of orthopaedic insoles recommended?

In disorders of gait biomechanics

During the rehabilitation process

In the pre- and post-operative period

In the treatment of foot and posture defects

Recommended product lines

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