Beauty salons

Beauty salon clients appreciate a holistic approach to their needs. When visiting a beautician, clients appreciate receiving the best possible service and, contrary to popular belief, they don’t always expect the lowest price. They are willing to pay for quality and value a comprehensive approach to their care.

Orthopedic insoles in a beauty salon?
This could be one of the best business decisions! By expanding your service offerings to include Mazbit’s health-promoting products and providing professional advice during the selection process, you can gain a competitive edge.

The display stands we provide for the duration of our collaboration will showcase new products effectively, attracting customer attention and sparking curiosity about their benefits. After all, that’s what selling is all about!

Healthy feet are beautiful feet!
With over 25 years of experience in the orthopedic industry, Mazbit ensures that you’re offering your customers valuable and effective products. Feet, along with hands, are often seen as a reflection of a person’s overall presentation. Well-cared-for feet are attractive, and our products can help enhance not only the beauty but also the health of your clients’ feet.  Healthy feet contribute to overall well-being, so don’t be surprised when your clients express gratitude for the improved comfort they experience from the insoles you recommend.

Mazbit recommends:
Innovative thermoformable insoles with a variable dynamic corrective profile to help patients:

How will Mazbit insoles support your work?

They will assist patients with unsightly and cracked heels, which often result from heel overload. Our insoles address this issue with extra pressure-relieving foam and proper foot alignment.
They relieve pressure on the forefoot with customized pressure pads and profiling elements that adapt to the patient. s condition.
For corns and calluses, the soft foam applied along the entire length of the insoles helps reduce pain and prevent recurrence.
Various corrective and profiling elements combat hallux valgus, correct hammer toes, and claw toes while activating the foot’s natural healing process.

Which insoles are sure to work in your salon?

Benefits of partnering with Mazbit
We prioritize serving your customers professionally but also value our business partners.

We propose:
Innovative, professional products that expand your offerings and increase sales;
Impressive display of new goods with free stands provided during our collaboration;
Brilliant advertising: order insoles with your logo;
Marketing support through displays, posters, and flyers;
Merchant support and customized solutions throughout our collaboration;
Free product training;
Action – Recommendation incentive program rewarding employees with enticing prizes and the owner with significant discounts.

With us you can do even more!
Develop further with Mazbit by attending our training course, “Orthopaedic Supplies and Foot Diagnosis”, after which you will be helping your clients even better than before. You will also create very strong competition in your industry.

Don’t wait – contact us today for details about our collaborative opportunities!

What you gain from working with Mazbit:

Products from a Polish manufacturer

Commercial support

Marketing support

Atrakcyjne rabaty uzależnione od wysokości zamówień

Attractive discounts based on order volume

Display stand

Access to the training course entitled „Diagnosis with Elements of Biomechanics and Selection of Orthopaedic Supplies.”

Recommended product lines

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