Shoe shops

Shoe shops in Poland are boosting sales with our products and ready-made solutions. Our professional shoe insoles and additional accessories enrich the offerings of shoe shops with intriguing and, most importantly, highly practical items.

We offer:
The Comfort Line – products for comfort and hygiene in all seasons, including:
     ✓ Insoles for improved walking comfort;
     ✓ Insoles for increased hygiene;
     ✓ Laces;
     ✓ Foot protection products, heel pads, and heel counters;
     ✓ Shoe care accessories.
Protection – a range of gel products designed to shield feet from abrasion and discomfort.
Profilactic – insoles and orthopaedic products for individuals with minor foot defects.

Ready-to-use logistics solutions
We understand that selling a new product entails additional responsibilities, which is why we offer ready-made solutions to alleviate logistical concerns for busy entrepreneurs. Our partners are never left to their own devices. We tailor our solutions to their needs and provide sales and marketing support at every stage.

Intelligent and effective product presentation
Throughout our partnership, we supply display stands that showcase our products effectively, ensuring customers who enter the shop recognise that they’ve arrived at a well-organised and professional establishment where their needs will be comprehensively met.

Professional shop and expert services
Shoe insoles enable a better fit for customers’ feet. For instance, the appropriate insole thickness can reduce shoe stiffness, a heel counter can decrease the shoe size by up to half a size, and a high heel counter issue can be resolved with the correct heel counter. These solutions significantly enhance sales opportunities while also promoting the shop’s professionalism. Knowledgeable staff instil confidence and facilitate safe purchases.

We provide free product training to ensure staff expertise.
Once customers have made their selections, we package their items in attractive, colour-differentiated packaging. This thoughtful final touch demonstrates respect and appreciation for their choices.

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What you gain from working with Mazbit:

Products from a Polish manufacturer

Commercial support

Marketing support

Complementary customer supply

Display stand

Attractive discounts based on order volume

A business partner who tailors solutions to your expectations

Free product training

Recommended product lines

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