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General shops cater to customers seeking a one-stop shopping experience. Enhance their experience with Mazbit products, making their visit even more convenient. Stocking your shop with professional orthopaedic insoles and footwear accessories is an excellent way to expand your product range with truly essential items. You’ll be amazed at how quickly these products sell, as up to 80 per cent of your customers likely experience foot problems. Capitalise on this opportunity and provide them with the solutions they need.

Attractive, eye-catching display
Throughout our partnership, we provide stands that enable effective merchandise presentation. As customers enter your shop and notice a new product, their curiosity will be piqued, drawing them closer to explore the item. These stands allow for smart management of your retail space.

Thanks to Mazbit, you can offer your customers:
The Comfort Line – products for comfort and hygiene in all seasons, including:
     ✓ Insoles for improved walking comfort;
     ✓ Insoles for increased hygiene;
     ✓ Laces;
     ✓ Foot protection products, heel pads, and heel counters;
     ✓ Shoe care accessories.
Protection – a range of gel products designed to shield feet from abrasion and discomfort.
Profilactic – insoles and orthopaedic products for individuals with minor foot defects.

Logistical and marketing support at every stage of cooperation
We believe that a new product should generate profit, not additional burdens. That’s why we offer ready-made sales solutions tailored to the unique needs of our business partners, as identified by our sales representatives. You can rely on their expertise throughout our collaboration. We don’t limit ourselves to ongoing trade; we also accommodate orders for seasonal campaigns. At the start of our partnership, we provide free product training and marketing support. Eye-catching displays, posters, and flyers ensure your new product receives the attention it deserves.

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What you gain from working with Mazbit:

Products from a Polish manufacturer

Commercial support

Marketing support

Complementary customer supply

Display stand

Attractive discounts based on order volume

A business partner who tailors solutions to your expectations

Free product training

Recommended product lines

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